Friday, November 5, 2010


This is my totally and competely random post. It will be filled with complete and utter nonsense, which will probably mean nothing to anyone but me...but you're welcome to read it anyway!

Random #1: Don't you love it when it's payday and you didn't even remember?!? That's what happened to me this morning. Too bad that once I did remember, I had to pay all those bills piling up, and now that payday money is GONE. Oh well, such is life. Atleast I had the money in the first place, even if it was for only a few mere hours.

Random #2: Cade (and I blame it on him, because it is his dog) left the dog outside last night when we went to bed. Poor little Gary. He's so small, he was probably freezing!

Random #3, which coincides with Random #2: At 4:15am. I, impregnated as I am, had to relieve my full bladder. I did my little thing, go back to bed, and of course, the baby decides it's time to wake up and do an acrobatic number in my uterus. I was wide awake from 4:15 to approximately 6:30 this morning for no good cause. However, in a way, it's probably a good thing, because I heard Gary scratching at the closed doggy door. At first, in my half-awake brain, I was thinking there was a giant desert rat scratching in our closet, lol (that scenario was probably drawn up in my brain, because of some freaky show I started watching on Discovery, or some such channel, called Ratzilla. We all know how pregnancy brain makes for very strange pregnancy just didn't know you could think those things while half awake too. lol). So, being that I am pregnant, and it's not that easy to just roll out of bed with this extending belly, I woke up Cade and made him go see if it was indeed the desert rat...or dog, whatever. Cade opens up the doggy door, and in barrels Gary. Then he was so excited to be back inside where it's nice & warm, that he starts doing acrobatic numbers throughout the house! You should see this dog. If you've had the privilege of doing so, you know what I'm talking about. His little weiner dog self can run so dang fast, and then you add in some somersaults, side flips, and you have a literal acrobatic bad as a baby in your uterus, I tell ya'! He must have had quite the adventures outside last night, because he is totally passed out in his doggy bed right now.

Random #4: Foster Parenting classes aren't very fun. Four hours of sitting in a classroom in very uncomfortable chairs (doesn't help that being pregnant magnifies the discomfort) isn't my idea of a good time. We've gone to two classes this week, and I will admit that we have learned some new things, but I will be very excited when the classes are over.

Random #5: If anyone is in dire need of a candy fix, I can help you with that. 7 kids + trick-or-treating= 4 bowls of candy! We have an excess of candy, it's ridiculous!