Friday, April 25, 2014

Teacher Appreciation

I love, love, love to help with Teacher Appreciation Week!  In my eyes, teachers could never get paid enough.  Who could possibly want to be with the same 25+/- children, 5 days per week for 8 months?!  So, I do my best to honor my children's teachers. 
Nearly every year since Ethen started kindergarten, I have worked with the PTO in some capacity, to pull off Teacher Appreciation Week.  I think there were only two years when I planned everything, and that was too much (fun, but oh so much work!)!  So now I am content to merely help find parents to decorate the faculty doors, and decorate some doors myself. 
As I was scouring the internet for door ideas last night, I decided to check out some of the doors that I have done in the past.  These are the ones that I could find pictures of:

 This was Rainbow Fish, and I cut every one of those
scales by hand.  The ones that look white were actually
made from a shiny, silvery scrapbook paper. 

I found a Mii generator online, and with Ethen's help, we created Mii's for each kid in his class.  I also found the Nintendo Wii font online. 

This teacher had a Movie Set theme in her room that year. 

I've done more...many, many more, but either I never took pictures, or I just can't find them on my wide array of discs (because who actually prints pictures anymore?!).