Friday, September 24, 2010


Yes, "today" is the only title I could think of for this posting. I haven't felt a creative bug for a while, hence the severe lack of blogging.

In my May blog I described myself as "hormonal" and in need of some "retail therapy". Turns out I was pregnant, not PMS-ing! Due date: 1/28/2011

Soooo, we're on our way with baby #5, or would it be #8? Not sure how to count it. lol We have custody of our 2 nieces & nephew, so our kid count is presently set at 7 - with one more baby we'll be at 8! Holy cow! I remember clear back a half a life-time ago when I told my mother-in-law that we would have as many kids as the Lord decided to bless us with. By the time Roxie was born my thoughts on that had definitely changed! I no longer wanted as many kids as the Lord wanted me to have. I wanted F.O.U.R. That's it. hahaha - turns out maybe the Lord has a different idea for me. :P

We are certainly excited for the new little ones arrival, albeit a little nervous. Roxie is thrilled, and I dare say, a bit obsessed. She is continually rubbing my belly, or asking about the baby, or wanting to see the pictures of the baby (either of my ultrasound or of the baby from the birth magazines). I have a feeling she is going to be a great helper!

At the dinner table tonight, Ethen asked me, "Mom, where do babies come from?, where on your body do they come out?" I am so not prepared for these coming of age type questions! I wasn't sure what to say, and just kind of sat there for a minute. Poor kid probably thought I didn't hear him. lol I finally responded that they come out near your bum. Asher threw in his two cents, and told Ethen that babies come out of mommy's belly button.

I'm certain that me stating I'm pregnant was enough of a shock to my very few followers that I think I will keep this posting at that...besides, the kids' movie is over, which means so is my blogging time.


  1. I have been waiting for you to put up a new post!! Ha ha Asher is up for suprise in a few years when he finds out babies don't come from belly buttons, that's cute. :) I am glad you get to figure out how to answer awkward questions first so that I can ask advice when mine start asking...ha ha

  2. Jen, this is adorable lol. "Near the bum" I love it. You have the cutest kids.