Monday, February 13, 2012


Okay, so I'm a day early!  Sorry!  I need to get a head start.  Having 8 kids, 7 of which will hand out cards at school, I made a lot of Valentine's this year!  Yes, I did say "made".  What can I say? I was feeling ambitious!

Every night (hopefully every night) this week I will post at least one of the Valentine's that we made.  And by "we", I mean me. 

These are our neighbor and grandparent Valentine's.
In case you are blind, the tag says, "Our Grandparent's are dynamite!", and the other says "our neighbors..."  I hijacked the idea from, isn't it great?  I'm so glad other people are more crafty than I am, and come up with swell ideas for me to copy. 

Materials Needed: 
as many rolls of SweeTarts that you desire
red paper
black pipe cleaner
hot glue gun

I started by cutting the paper the length & width that I needed.  Sorry, I can't remember the size.  I just measured length, cut, then rolled it around the sweetarts to measure how wide, marked it and cut again. 

Then I rolled the paper around the sweetarts, hot gluing the seam down.  (I first tried to use double sided tape, but they were all coming undone, so don't use double sided tape!)  If I was giving only a single dynamite, I inserted an entire pipe cleaner along the length of the sweetart before hot gluing the seam down.  For our neighbors that have many kids, I used three rolls of sweetarts, and only inserted a pipe cleaner in one of the dynamite. 

Once I had the dynamite assembled, I trimmed the pipe cleaner to the length that looked appropriate.  If you wanted to use a little less pipe cleaner, you could probably cut each pipe cleaner in half (or maybe even thirds) and only stick one half in the paper before hot gluing it down. 

Wrap a piece of twine around the dynamite, string a tag on, tie in a knot, and you're done!  If you do three of them together, wrap the twine around all three, string a tag on, tie the knot. 
(Cade doesn't want you to notice our nasty, ugly, overly dated wallpaper, so please ignore it!)

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