Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Magnetize Me

I've been wanting to make these marble magnets, and when I was visiting Dollar Tree last week, I found these big honkin' flat marble things, and grabbed a bag of them with the specific intention of doing so.  I've seen tutorials all over the internet & pinterest, but took some pretty specific instructions from this blog: 

These were so stinkin' easy!  Roxie and I did about 14 of them in one hours time (and that's something, considering a 5 year old was helping!)

In honor of Valentine's Day, I printed off a bunch of random vintage-y looking  Valentine clip art on white card stock, using my regular, old, crappy printer. 

I then took my marbles and traced a circle around the image, and using scissors, I cut just inside the circle.  This ensured that there wasn't much overhang around the marble. 

Next I had Roxie paint a little Mod Podge on the flat side of the marble.  Then I pressed the card stock image onto the Mod Podge.  We set them to the side for a bit, so that they could dry. 

After the Mod Podge was dry, I used some peel & stick magnetic strips that I had, and applied them to the back.  I used the stick & peel magnet because that's what I had on hand, however they don't hold the magnets real well.  I would suggest picking up some of the stronger round magnets that you have to attach with Gorilla Glue (or something equally strong).  I've bought the round magnets since we made the marbles, but haven't had a chance to attach them yet. 

I took a few pictures, but they all turned out like crap.  I'll show you one anyway, but check out the link above - they have way better pictures and tutorial!  ;)

Told you the picture sucks.
  I don't know why my camera wouldn't cooperate.
I tried it with flash, without flash, outside, inside. 
 Nothing was working for me. lol

So what do you think, good enough to give to some friends for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Those are way cute!! I can totally see you and Roxie working on these, she is such a sweetie. You can give some to me if you would like. ;)