Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Fools!

Isn't this one of the weirdest holidays celebrated?  I do think so.  It's also one of the funnest.  
When I was young, my mom would get us good, and she has passed on the pranking gene to me.  I've done quite a few jokes, or pranks, for my kids the last few years and thought I would compile those into one nice little blog.  :)  
First off, the things my mom did that stand out clearly in my mind:
  • One year my mom was painting the interior of our house.  On the front door she posted a sign that read: Wet Paint!  Use the back door.  When you got to the back door you saw a sign that read:  April Fools!  Go back to the front door!   Now this may not have been the most creative prank, but as a kid I sure thought it was funny!
  • Little tiny styrofoam balls coated in chocolate pass off as really good Whoppers!   
  • Divinity candy with cotton balls inside.
  • Vaseline on the door handles
  • saran wrap on the toilet
  • Kool-aid made without the sugar
I have done many tricks to my kids, but I can't take all the credit.  I've got most of my ideas through the worldwide web.  :) 
  • Muffins with cotton balls cooked inside
  • sour cream dyed pink with food coloring to resemble strawberry yogurt
  • "apple juice" made with water and red & yellow food coloring
  • "grilled cheese sandwiches" made with pound cake, sliced & toasted, and cheese colored frosting
  • a meatloaf layer cake frosted with mashed potatoes
  • a 1 serving size chip bag, emptied and then filled with baby carrots and resealed
  • oreos with the centers scraped out and replaced with mint toothpaste (don't do this if your kid likes toothpaste like mine do - not so effective. lol)
  • frozen cereal.  The night before April Fools Day, partially fill a bowl with milk and put in the freezer.  (You can also put the spoon in before freezing for an even more dramatic effect.)  In the morning, at breakfast time, pour some cereal over the top of the frozen milk with just a little bit more milk added, so that the frozen milk can't be seen, and serve! 
  • colored cereal.  Put a little food coloring in the bottom of the bowl, add the cereal of your childs choice, place in front of child at the table, and pour milk.  Milk will "magically" turn another color! 
  • The kids love the apple with a small hole cut out and a gummy worm stuck in it.  Completely silly, but the kids like it!  :) 
  • toilet paper stuffed in the end of their shoes so that their shoes don't fit quite right.
  • carameled onions.  kind of like carameled apples, but not.  Get the idea?  ;) 
  • a bunch of blown up balloons stuffed into a car.
  • A screen shot of the desktop, and then used as the wallpaper.  Then hide all of the actual shortcuts, so that only the screen shot shortcuts (which don't actually work) show.  When the person goes to click on the shortcut, it won't take them anywhere. 

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