Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Few Little Somethings

Finally, everyone is done with the flu!  With the exception of some lingering coughs & congestion, we're all feeling so much better.  It's nice to have that crap out of the way for another year! 

Not much has been going on (thanks to the lovely sickness, I've been a bit busy tending to sick kids), but I thought I would show ya'll the headband & bracelet that I made my for my sister-in-law.   

These are so simple to make, and I think they turn out so adorable!  I originally got the idea from here: http://bubblynaturecreations.com/2011/02/tuesday-tutorial-petals-and-pearls.html .  I expounded on the idea to make the bracelet. 

I used an old pleather purse (thanks for the donation, Marisa!), a hot glue gun, a headband, and some small metallic beads.  All of my items, except for the headband, were things that I had on-hand! :) 

I pretty much followed the tutorial step-by-step for the headband.  The first one that I made (back at Christmas time) took me about 4 hours.   Trust me, the petals DON'T have to be perfectly symmetrical, perfectly square, or perfectly glued!  Also, if you don't want to have a HUGE flower, adjust the petals accordingly.  I've made a couple of these big ones, and I made one that was a bit smaller.  For the bracelet, I made the petals considerably smaller.  In the tutorial, she uses elastic for the headband, but I just used a headband covered in some of the leftover purse material, which I hot glued onto it. 


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  1. I'm tellin you, we need to go in to business together... ;) way cute.