Thursday, March 22, 2012

Farmer Cade

Who knew that our abode was going to turn into not only a large collection of children, but also a collection of animals? 

Cade has been on some sort of farm animal kick lately.  Last fall he had one of his co-workers drop four chickens off (it was convenient that I was at school at the time) on our front porch.  One of those chickens was eaten by a stray cat, so we were left with one rooster, and two little chicks.  One of those remaining chicks turned out to be a rooster, which was getting attacked by the bigger rooster, so we ended up giving him away.  We were then left with one noisy rooster (that isn't aware that 5am is not morning!), and one hen. 

Fast forward to my birthday last month, and Cade buys me three ducklings. Don't ask me why. All I said to Roxie was that ducklings were much cuter than chicks. I never, ever said that I wanted ducklings. So, for the last three weeks we've been learning how to tend to ducks. According to Cade, it's too cold to keep them outside, so not only do we have a small farm, but our small farm is inside of our house. Not too thrilled about this information. At first the ducks didn't stink, but now they're like teenagers, and we all know how teenagers smell! 

I took these pictures of the ducks yesterday.
  I think they're about 2 1/2 weeks old...maybe.  I've sort of lost track.
Their names are Heloise.  All of them.
 You can't tell them apart, so for now they share the same name.

Guess what we're getting today?  MORE CHICKS!  yay.  Cade is currently picking up 25 more chicks, and I think, 5 turkeys (not sure what baby turkeys are called).  Now, don't get too excited!  We're selling 10 of the chicks, and all of the turkeys to Cade's uncle, so we won't have quite that many (much to my relief). 

I'm almost excited to see the chicks.  They're so cute, and soft when they're babies.  Then, in only a few weeks time, they turn into nasty, ugly chickens.  Okay, not really.  Our chickens are actually quite pretty, especially the rooster.  Too bad the beauty of our rooster is far outweighed by the annoying sound of his crow in the wee morning hours.

 The yellow ones are the turkeys.  They're uglier than sin, and so gawky and awkward!
 All of the chicks & poults together.
We had to separate them. The poults seem to be a bit bully-like.
 These two were leaning on each while they slept.  I moved one, and the other tipped right over!
  I shall name this one Cleopatra.
Calum really loves them!

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